Research for a sustainable and prosperous society

At VITO, we are working every day on tomorrow’s society. Along with other companies, the government and end users, we design new technologies, identify missing links and develop ready-made, innovative solutions. Our goal: a sustainable and prosperous economy and society, both in Flanders and the rest of the world.

VITO excels in applied, innovative research for sustainable technology. We are a worldwide player regarding sustainable chemistry and materials, energy and health technology, and a prestigious knowledge centre in land use research. We focus on getting the most out of our research results, and we create value and impact with our ideas, for example, by launching successful independent entities on the market. We offer realistic and funded solutions that address actual social challenges and the real needs of large industrial companies and SMEs.

VITO works on international breakthroughs regarding climate, energy, health and welfare. These challenges all have a worldwide dimension. Therefore, we invest in expanding international operations, transnational cooperation models and an international work force. This internationalisation creates economic added value for Flemish companies. At the same time, VITO uses its relevant technological knowledge and services to support the policies of the Flemish government.

In an open innovation network, we connect government, research and industry. By connecting policies, knowledge and the market, we offer our Flemish, national and international stakeholders real added value. VITO cooperates closely with universities and other research facilities: in Flanders it is one of the most active players in European research projects and collaborations. This allows VITO to strengthen its position as an internationally renowned research and service centre. 


We design new technologies, identify missing links and develop ready-made, innovative solutions