Focusing on talent and excellence

VITO wants to stand out as a research centre through technological innovation and excellence. We support that focus with a targeted HR policy. 

VITO's success depends on the scientists and experts it employs as a research centre. VITO attracts the best talents from all across the world and offers them a challenging work environment and top quality research infrastructure. 
At VITO, about 750 employees work on innovative research programmes. Driven by global challenges or specific questions posed by industrial partners and customers, they turn innovative ideas into practical applications. In the multidisciplinary VITO team, many talents find a home: scientific experts, commercial talents, analytical minds, (project) managers, IT specialists ...

In the high quality working environment offered by VITO, the best talents can distinguish themselves and develop their own research and career. We strive for a world class workforce. This excellence and dynamic make VITO a healthy and versatile organisation. It allows us to focus our research on the market, use employees and means efficiently and concentrate on the expansion of our areas of expertise.   


We focus resolutely on impact and on the society of both today and tomorrow. Two internal strategies are important: sustainable employability and sustainable talent development.
Agnes Bosmans
Director Human Resources & General Services VITO