VITO takes water monitoring abroad

In many places in Flanders, water quality is still insufficient. Within the framework of EU LIFE+, VITO and the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) developed the WEISS project, which aims to improve monitoring of surface water quality. As requested by interested governments, VITO also wants to study how the software can be applied in countries such as Vietnam, Turkey and China. 

Based on the data of the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM), VITO developed an information system to chart the run-off of polluted substances to surface water through WEISS. Heavy metals or pesticides originating from agriculture or industry are among the substances covered. Up to a resolution of one hectare, the programme studies which water areas in Flanders contain pollutants and how they relate to other substances in the water. The tool is available for policy-makers in a useful online geo-application.

Flanders has been using the tool since 2011, the Brussels Capital Region since 2012 and in September 2014, the Walloon region also started using an adapted application. There is also interest coming from abroad, more specifically from the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Vietnam, Turkey and China.

VITO's role

VITO developed the flexible WEISS software tailored to its users, based on information from VMM. For each pollutant it applies smart algorithms which help to predict water pollution. At the moment, negotiations with several international governments to use WEISS are ongoing. 

WEISS: facts & figures
  • Partner project of VITO and VMM, financed by LIFE+
  • Duration: January 2010 - December 2013
VITO wants to study how the software can be applied in countries such as Vietnam, Turkey and China.