The challenge

“High quality and affordable healthcare on a human scale. Thanks to the high standard of our healthcare, we are living longer. At the same time, we are confronted with more and more lifestyle diseases and chronic disorders. The high costs of treating these are putting pressure on our healthcare system. Preventive and personalised healthcare is therefore becoming increasingly important. It is smarter to manage health and prevent diseases than to heal them only after they occur.”

VITO's role

“We put technology and knowledge into practice, in the service of sustainable healthcare. VITO has the expertise needed to work with patients, doctors and government in the search for new healthcare solutions.

"We develop the technology required to work with companies in finding and validating new biomarkers. Biomarkers indicate whether a disease is developing, and can even distinguish in which stage the disease is in. VITO has the expertise needed to identify and validate a wide range of useful biomarkers. We also strive to find solutions in the form of diagnostic tests to detect diseases more selectively or earlier. In addition to measurements in the body, we are also working to develop measurements on the body. Portable sensors allow us to measure environmental factors and physiological parameters. We convert this information into useful knowledge for doctors and patients, making it possible to refine and personalise the treatment of serious chronic diseases."

"VITO contributes a unique combination of expertise to this endeavour: strong technological knowledge needed to measure and analyse health factors, broad experience with sensor technology, apps and portal applications, and a thorough understanding of the relationship between health, environment and lifestyle. Thus, we develop customised solutions for individual end users, care providers and medical professionals.”

It’s smarter to manage health than to focus on disease.
Rudi Torfs
Unit Manager Health