Will hybrid vehicles make Chinese mining more sustainable?

In November 2014, EnergyVille signed a groundbreaking contract with DFLE (Dong Feng Locomotive Engineering), a Chinese manufacturer of (electric) drives for mining vehicles. Both partners will be working on an innovative system for the storage and reuse of braking energy.

The mining vehicles weigh more than 400 tonnes and consume a lot of energy. To reduce fuel consumption, in late 2014 DFLE joined forces with EnergyVille.

EnergyVille uses energy recuperated from braking to drive the generator on these vehicles. As a result, the auxiliary power units connected to the generators no longer need to be driven by the internal combustion engine while braking. This saves up to 8 % on fuel, a significant saving for trucks that consume an average of 3 000 litres of fuel per day.

EnergyVille's role

EnergyVille is making its expertise on optimising energy usage available worldwide. If this pilot project in China and Mongolia is a success, EnergyVille will assist DFLE in the construction of a factory for energy storage systems and in the integration of energy storage in other applications such as trains and cranes.

A significant saving of 8 % on fuel, for trucks that consume an average of 3 000 litres of fuel per day