PolyPeptideGroup (PPG)

To make the production of peptides run smoothly, the international chemistry company PolyPeptideGroup (PPG) joined forces with VITO. One of VITO's patented techniques worked so well that, ultimately, a permanent partnership with PPG was established.

When producing peptides, large amounts of solvent are required. To improve the efficiency of the synthesis process, VITO applied the patented Volume Intensified Dilution, VID for short. The VitoVID-technology ensures that the solvent is recycled continuously, reducing the amount required to a fourth of the original amount.

The results were excellent: VITO's technology made PPG's production process up to 75% more efficient. Now, thanks to recycling, only a quarter of the previously required amount of solvent is needed.
Top management of PPG emphasises that they want to turn this temporary cooperation into a permanent partnership. The role of VITO as a research and development partner is currently being developed in a framework agreement.